50 Cent HITS concertgoer in ‘head’ with mic


50 Cent HITS concertgoer in ‘head’ with mic
50 Cent HITS concertgoer in ‘head’ with mic

50 Cent recently seemed to get seriously angry at a tour performance and threw a mic at fans.

After furiously hitting a concertgoer in the head with a microphone during his Final Lap tour stop at Cryto.com Arena in Los Angeles on August 30, 50 Cent may be facing major legal jeopardy.

Soon after the event ended, videos of the confrontation began to surface, showing an angry 50 Cent throwing his microphone into the audience twice.

The rapper apparently hurled the first microphone with little power because he was unhappy that the microphones weren’t working, but when the second one stopped working, he launched it into the crowd with more force.

Special guests on the Final Lap tour include YG, who was playing on stage when 50 Cent struck the spectator.

The victim is allegedly Power 106 personality Bryhana Monegain, according to pictures of the purported injured party that have begun to circulate online. In those pictures, Monegain is covered with blood and has an open wound on her forehead.

Cardi B, who also threw a microphone into the audience and had a brief legal dispute with the victim, is followed in that act by 50.

But in that case, she was responding to a fan who had thrown a drink at her while she was performing, and the rapper wound up striking someone else in the audience.

The following day, that person made a police report, and in the days that followed, Cardi was exonerated of any potential violence charges.


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