A Killer Paradox Upcoming Netflix Movie

“A Killer Paradox” is a South Korean sci-fi thriller set to premiere on Netflix on February 9, 2024, with no spoilers to spoil the film’s mysteries.

A Killer Paradox

An Executor with a Slant:

The main character of the movie is Lee Tang, a talented hitman with a special twist: he doesn’t target random people. His tasks entail going back in time to kill particular people at pivotal times. He is aiming for none other than himself this time!


In order to avert a worldwide catastrophe, the movie’s time-traveling hitman must kill his future self. But as he learns more about the mission, he starts to doubt everything he had previously believed to be true about himself, the chronology, and the purpose of the mission.

A Complicated Net of Time:

It becomes more difficult to distinguish between the past, present, and future as Lee sets out on this paradoxical mission. He is compelled to reevaluate all of his beliefs regarding the nature of time, his goals, and himself.

Breaking Down the Paradox

Lee discovers additional facets of the plot that led him to this position with every time leap. In addition to outwitting his future self, he must also avoid the perils that lie ahead in the constantly changing chronology.

Past the Action:

“A Killer Paradox” explores deeper subjects while offering mind-bending time travel notions and exciting action scenes. The impact of changing the past, the intricacies of identity, and the significance of decisions made in multiple timelines are all explored in the movie.

A Movie to Get You Thinking:

Long after the credits have rolled, “A Killer Paradox” will undoubtedly have you wondering about its secrets, regardless of your interest in science fiction. The film’s examination of the difficulties of time travel and how it affects people’s lives is bound to provoke debate and thoughtful contemplation.


The science fiction thriller “A Killer Paradox” might have exciting action scenes and nerve-wracking circumstances. Before you watch the movie, be sure you’re comfortable with such content. Additionally, the movie delves into mature issues that might not be appropriate for all viewers. Before you dive in, consider your sensitivities and preferences.