A-list celebrity snubs Meghan Markle’s invitation to Archie’s birthday?


A-list celebrity snubs Meghan Markles invitation to Archies birthday?

Meghan Markle’s invitation to Archie’s birthday ‘snubbed by A-list celebrity’ who attended Coronation instead

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle, who celebrated Prince Archie’s fourth birthday in California Saturday (May 6, the same date of King Charles III’s coronation), reportedly invited several high-profile people to attend the event.

The Duchess of Sussex’s invitation to her and Harry’s eldest son’s party appears to have been snubbed by an A-list celebrity, according to a LA-based author.

Lisa Gaché, an author, told the Telegraph that Katy Perry and her fiancé Orlando Bloom would have been invited to Archie’s birthday party.

Gaché said: “In Montecito, celebrities are royalty.”

She continued: “It’s Oprah and Ellen but also Serena Williams – pregnant with her second child – and Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, whose daughter Daisy is a year younger than Archie. If there’s any celebrity with a child the same age, it’s safe to assume they’ll be invited.”

Perry reportedly snubbed the invitation and attended the historic ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Saturday. The singer is all set to wow fans at Sunday’s Coronation concert at Windsor.


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