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Adah Sharma got to showcase her versatility as an artiste when she was seen portraying two contrasting avatars in her recent projects. While The Kerala Story saw her playing the role of a victim in the hands of a terrorist organisation, she turned an encounter specialist for web show, Commando. “I got into Commando right after shooting The Kerala Story. From a victim to a saviour, I’m blessed that I got to play two extremely opposite roles in both these projects. In one, I’m scared of guns, and in the other, I’m using guns all the time,” she says.

Adah Sharma was last seen in the web series Commando
Adah Sharma was last seen in the web series Commando

Starting that 2023 has been a “fortunate year” so far for her, Sharma credits the scriptwriters for enabling actors have a smooth switch between characters. “If roles are well written, it becomes a lot easier for an actor to transition into different roles. Also, I took out enough time between my demanding schedules during The Kerala Story, and worked on my skills for action-packed sequences in Commando,” says the actor, adding, “Generally, I’m quite a fit person, but I underwent a lot of training and practice for my portions. The 10 seconds of action you see on screen take hours or even days to make them look seamless. I really enjoyed doing it.”

The web show starring Prem Pariijaa as the male lead, takes forward the Commando film franchise that featured actor Vidyut Jammwal. As the audiences continue to speculate why he’s not a part of the series, Sharma reveals the makers wanted to launch a new boy in the Commando franchise. “And I was the connecting factor between the film, and the web series. So, we just wanted to show that there is another Commando as well. Not that Vidyut isn’t there, but Prem came as an addition to the franchise as another Commando,” mentions the 31-year-old, calling OTT “the best space” to make such introductions.

While streaming continues to enjoy growing popularity, audiences are back in theatres as well, in huge numbers. And Sharma is well aware of the audience’s preferences. “Nowadays, people just want to have an emotional connect with the film. If it’s a good film, people would watch it in theatres or on their phones and medium won’t really matter,” she emphasises, underlining the importance of a compelling narrative that resonates with viewers across platforms.


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