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The Kerala Story actor Adah Sharma shared an update on social media after reports of her hospitalisation surfaced. Confirming them, she revealed she had hives. Her condition further deteriorated due to a reaction to her medicine. Adah said she will be promoting her upcoming series Commando for one last time before heading out for treatment. Also read: The Kerala Story’s Adah Sharma hospitalised, diagnosed with diarrhoea and food allergy

Adah Sharma was recently hospitalised in Mumbai.
Adah Sharma was recently hospitalised in Mumbai.

Adah Sharma shares health update

Adah Sharma posted a bunch of photos of her allergic reaction to the medicines. She wrote in Hindi, “Thank you to everyone who reached out to me and some of them I haven’t met for years, also Adah Sharma fan clubs.” She added a disclaimer about the photos and said, “Do not swipe if you are scared of rash on skin images, they are a little scary but I thought one should not share only nice photos on Instagram.”

What happened to Adah Sharma?

She revealed she had hives initially, which cause her rashes all over her body. “I’ve been sick since few days. I had hives, which is a horrible rash. I was hiding it by wearing full sleeves, but it started showing on my face due to stress! So then I took medicine and turns out I am allergic to the medicine so it made me nauseous. So now I’m taking another medicine and injection. I will be doing promotions today but my with full sleeves.”

Adah added that she will be opting for an Ayurvedic treatment for her rashes. For this, she will be away to focus on her health for some time. She added, “I have promised my Amma I will take care of health. Tomorrow I am leaving for a few days. My Amma has told me to focus on health instead of radio trails, zoom interviews and promo shoot. I will be back soon. Till then I will keep updating scenes from Commando on Instagram.”

Adah Sharma hospitalised

Adah was rushed to a hospital on Wednesday morning reportedly as her health deteriorated considerably. As per reports, she started to vomit in the morning and was diagnosed with severe diarrhoea and food allergy. A source close to the actor said, “She came down with a severe burst of stress hives and diarrhoea today morning. Currently, she is under observation.”

In Commando, Adah will be seen reprising the role of Bhavana Reddy. The series will release on August 11.


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