Adele calls out security guard for harassing fan during Vegas spectacle


Adele, the beloved singer known for her powerful vocals performances interrupted her performance on Saturday, just when she was about to sing Water Under The Bridge.

Adele abruptly halted the show, instructing her band to pause, as she turned her attention to a situation unfolding in the audience. 

Her keen eyes spotted a fan who appeared to be facing unwarranted hassling from security personnel. 

The singer demanded an explanation for the disruption and questioned the fan about the reasons behind the security’s interference.

She had observed the individual being subjected to security attention for most of her time on stage. 

Dissatisfied with the response she received, she made a decisive call, instructing the security personnel to cease their actions and leave the fan be. 

She emphasized that everyone in the audience, including the fan in question, had come to enjoy the show and should be allowed to do so without unnecessary interference. 

Another video angle of the incident offers a broader perspective, providing a view of the security guard involved. 

It is suggested that the dispute might have arisen over the man’s decision to stand up during the performance. 

The singer issued a strong warning, stating, “I dare you. Dare you throw something at me, and I’ll deal with it.” 

To address the situation, Adele even armed herself with a T-shirt gun, drawing attention to the need for a different approach. 


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