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Uorfi Javed has once again surprised the internet with her sartorial choices and this time, her Instagram post is also a comment on the soaring prices of tomatoes in the country. The actor and social media personality wore tomatoes as earrings and called them the ‘new gold’. (Also read: Suniel Shetty eats fewer tomatoes now because of rising prices)

Uoerfi Javed wears tomatoes for earrings.
Uoerfi Javed wears tomatoes for earrings.

Uorfi shares pics with tomatoes earrings

In one of her latest Instagram videos, Uorfi can be seen wearing earrings made from tomatoes as she chewed on a tomato. She captioned her post as, “Tomatoes are the new gold.” Apart from the video, she also posted pictures of herself in the same look. She also shared screenshots of news reports about the soaring prices of tomatoes, and one featuring actor Suniel Shetty’s comment on the same.

Some Instagram users left hilarious comments on Uorfi’s post. One of them wrote, “She might have sold half of her top to buy tomatoes.” Another one wrote, “Yahi bacha tha didi ne ye bhi talent dikha diya (This was all that was left for her to do and sister has flaunted her talents again).” One person also wrote . “Justice for tomatoes.”

Suniel Shetty on today’s tomato prices

Earlier this week,Suniel Shetty expressed his concern over the rising price of tomatoes in India, and said he has been forced to cut down on tomatoes. Suniel, who is also a restaurateur, also said he grows various fruits and vegetables at his Khandala farmhouse.

Elaborating on why he chooses to buy fresh produce from apps, he had told Aaj Tak that one can be shocked looking at the prices of vegetables and fruits on the apps. He added that the apps have much lower prices than physical shops and markets. He had said, “I am also a restaurateur, and I’ve always bargained for best prices. But with the rising prices of tomatoes, people have had to compromise on taste and quality. I have too (compromised).”

Rising tomato prices

The ideal period for tomato cultivation in Maharashtra is April. Due to heavy rains during the first week of May in Maharashtra, farmers faced major crop loss, resulting in high prices, as per reports. In the retail market in Maharashtra, tomatoes are reportedly being sold at 160 and 190 across various locations in the state.


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