Alice Cooper says Johnny Depp’s trial didn’t bother him, ‘because nobody cared’ | Hollywood


Alice Cooper, 75, said he didn’t pay any attention to Johnny Depp’s defamation trial with Amber Heard that was televised live in Virginia while they were on tour with the Hollywood Vampires.

Alice Cooper opens up about touring with Johnny Depp(ERHAN SEVENLER/ANADOLU AGENCY VIA GETTY)
Alice Cooper opens up about touring with Johnny Depp(ERHAN SEVENLER/ANADOLU AGENCY VIA GETTY)

The rock legend told Vulture that he “never watched a moment of” the trial that ended on June 1, 2022, with a verdict in favor of Depp, 60, who was awarded $1 million in damages from Heard, 37. The former couple settled their case and dropped their appeals later.

“Not at all. If you talk to Johnny about it, it was something that happened,” Cooper said, when asked if he felt any “hesitancy” to tour with Depp.

“He was just like, ‘Yeah, yeah, what’s the next song?’ For Johnny, it was one of those things where you can’t say it got blown out of proportion, but I don’t know why they would televise the proceedings, right?” Cooper continued. “It’s because of the fame of both people.”

The 75-year-old said he never brought up the trial while on tour.

“I don’t think it was ever mentioned on the tour because nobody cared. I never watched a moment of the trials,” he said.

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“It was so blown out of proportion. It was such a Hollywood thing.”

“I knew Johnny was gonna win because how many people have other exes literally on their side testifying for him? That never happens,” Cooper added.

“I turned it right off and said, ‘Well, you know, Johnny will weather this storm and when he’s onstage, he’s our guitar player.’ ”

Depp spent the summer touring with the Hollywood Vampires, which includes him, Cooper, Joe Perry, and Tommy Henriksen.

According to PEOPLE in June Depp celebrated his birthday with his bandmates in Istanbul, Turkey, where they had a gig.

“There was no big grand party. No blast off. He celebrated in Istanbul on his birthday. He had a dinner with his bandmates,” the insider said at the time.

“It was an intimate dinner in Istanbul, where they were playing.”

Insiders confirmed that Depp was “really prioritizing his health in this phase of his life” after he broke his ankle in May, which caused Hollywood Vampires to postpone three shows to the end of July.

“He’s 60. He’s on tour. He’s directing a movie. He can’t do what he was doing at 20 years old,” the insider quoted to PEOPLE in June.

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“He’s taking care of himself. Everything in moderation.”

The day before Depp’s birthday, the band posted a video on Instagram of fans at Bucharest’s Romexpo arena in Romania singing “Happy Birthday” to Depp after Cooper encouraged them.

Hollywood Vampires finished their summer tour, which had performances in Europe and the U.S., with a show in Bethel, New York, on July 30.


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