Amber Heard supporters spoil Johnny Depp’s comeback with #CannesYouNot


Amber Heard supporters spoil Johnny Depps comeback with #CannesYouNot
Amber Heard supporters spoil Johnny Depp’s comeback with #CannesYouNot

Supporters of Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard are fuming at the actor’s comeback at one of the most prestigious venues for films and TV launches; Cannes Film Festival.

AS Johnny Depp’s period drama Jeanne du Barry premiered at the festival, Heard followers took to social media to censure the event. A campaign, using the hashtag #CannesYouNot, is condemning the Cannes Film Festival for supposedly celebrating individuals accused of abuse throughout its 76-year history.

The campaign initiated by supporters of Amber Heard gained momentum prior to the festival’s start. Johnny Depp’s latest film, Jeanne du Barry, which opened the event, has drawn backlash from those participating in the campaign.

Campaigners argue that Cannes’ decision to showcase Depp’s film contradicts its purported commitment to combating abuse and discrimination within the industry. The campaign highlights a larger concern of alleged abusers being protected by the film industry and aims to shed light on the issue.

Despite the controversy surrounding Depp, Cannes Chief Thierry Fremaux defended the festival’s choice, emphasizing freedom of thought and speech.


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