Anderson Give Divorce To His Wife, She Wants to Share Custody

Grammy-winning musician Anderson Paak has filed for divorce from his eight-year-old wife, Jae Lin, citing joint custody for their son, Soul Rasheed.


A Love Song Turns to Silence:

Anderson .Paak and Jae Lin’s love story was as vibrant as his music. They met in 2011, bonded over their shared passion for music, and married in 2014. Their journey together saw Anderson rise to international stardom, with Jae Lin by his side as a constant source of support and inspiration. However, rumors of marital troubles surfaced in recent months, culminating in the official filing for divorce.

Beyond the Headlines: Reasons Stay Private: 

Though speculation abounds, the couple’s decision to separate is based on discretion and respect for their family’s privacy. Their son, Soul Rasheed, is at the centre of their shared priorities, so their son’s well-being remains the main focus. 

Shared Love, Shared Responsibility: 

Seeking Joint Custody: Despite their separation, Anderson and Jae Lin are determined to remain active and loving parents to their son. They have filed for joint custody, demonstrating their commitment to co-parenting and ensuring a stable and supportive environment for Soul Rasheed. This decision reflects a mature and responsible approach to navigating the challenges of divorce, prioritising their son.

The Future Unwritten: A New Chapter Begins:

While the future remains uncertain, Anderson and Jae Lin embark on new chapters in their personal lives. Anderson continues his thriving music career, while Jae Lin remains actively involved in her own creative pursuits. Their dedication to their son and individual ambitions are a testament to their resilience and strength in the face of change.

Beyond the Song: A Note to Audiences:

Many fans, who have long respected the couple’s strong friendship and mutual support, are surprised to hear this news. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that relationships and life can be complicated for celebrities just like they are for the rest of us. Even though their divorce may not be public knowledge, their decision to share custody sends a great message about competent and mature co-parenting.


We also wish Jae Lin and Anderson Paak peace and strength as they continue on their separate journeys, bound together by their common love for their son, as the beat of their music continues.