Angus Cloud’s mother rejects suicide suspicions, believes overdose was accidental


Angus Clouds mother clarifies He did not intend to check out of this world.
Angus Cloud’s mother clarifies ‘He did not intend to check out of this world.’

Angus Cloud’s mother Lisa Cloud has came forward to address the speculations surrounding her son’s tragic passing. 

The 25-year-old Euphoria star, who died on Monday, July 31, was initially linked to thoughts of suicide after the untimely death of his father from mesothelioma.

Using Facebook as a platform to share her sentiments, Lisa expressed gratitude for the love and support extended to her family during this shattered time. 

In her emotional note, she wanted to clarify that her son’s last day was filled with joy, despite the deep grief he experienced due to his father’s loss.

Lisa recounted the final activities of Angus, including his efforts to reorganize his room, which led her to believe that he was not in a suicidal state of mind. 

She also mentioned that he had expressed a desire to assist family members with college, a further indication that he had no plans to end his life.

Angus had been working on art projects when he fell asleep with his head on the desk and tragically never woke up. 

Lisa expressed uncertainty about what may have been in his body, but adamantly stated that his passing was not intentional. 

To honor his memory, she urged others to incorporate random acts of kindness into their daily lives.

Previously, their family statement had suggested that Angus may have died by suicide, and sources had indicated he had been struggling with suicidal thoughts recently.

However, his mother’s disclosure sheds light on the possibility of an accidental overdose as the cause of her son’s passing.


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