Anjali Anand aka Golu from RARKPK: Even audiences won’t be very happy with a heroine if she looks like me | Bollywood


With an unapologetic approach towards embracing her individuality, actor Anjali Anand recently made her Bollywood debut with Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani where she essayed the role of Ranveer Singh’s sister Gayatri aka Golu. And the actor, best known for TV show Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, is grateful for having got the chance of beginning her big screen journey with a film like this.

Actor Anjali Anand played the role of Ranveer Singh’s sister Gayatri aka Golu in Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani.
Actor Anjali Anand played the role of Ranveer Singh’s sister Gayatri aka Golu in Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani.

“It was all so new for me. Being on a film set is completely different from every other set I’ve been to before. And it turned out to be the easiest shoot I’ve been a part of because people are so clear and respectful. The way everyone conducts themselves is top notch,” says the actor, pointing that the way TV and film industries function are quite different.

“Everything on RARKPK set was so smooth as compared to TV because the budgets are bigger. They are two different mediums, and the way people work here is very different,” adds the 31-year-old.

Besides all the love and adulation she received for her portrayal of a chubby, plus-size girl looking for potential grooms, Anand is glad that her character succeeded in sending across a message of body positivity. However, she’s quick to add that she doesn’t want to get stereotyped in just this kind of role.

“Whatever comes next for me, I want to be very careful in what I’m choosing so that I’m not stereotyped. I hope I get to play something more challenging and unbelievably different, and not what filmmakers and audiences already expect from me. I want to play different parts, whatever it takes,” she stresses.

While Anand played a character that’s over-weight on screen, she weighs in on the harsh reality of the entertainment industry that’s widely plagued with toxic beauty standards. “It’s not just the showbiz industry, even the audiences will not be very happy with a heroine if she looks like me. It is a very hypocritical world that we live in. Everybody wants to see a toned body and fair skin on screen. Sabse zyada seetiyaan item number par hi bajti hain. That is the world we live in and that is the truth nobody wants to accept,” she points out, adding, “Many audiences call themselves progressive… Okay, then! Tomorrow, make a film with me as a lead and if that becomes a very big hit, then I’d agree that maybe the world is changing, but until then, I don’t think it is the industry’s problem, it is everybody’s problem. We need to move ahead in life and not think about petty things like how a person looks.”

With body image issues, comes the brutal trolling, and here, the actor says it’s natural for anyone to get affected if that’s happening repeatedly.

“Trolling does get to you. No matter how you look, you’re going to be judged. You might be the most beautiful looking person in the world, someone is going to say that you are not beautiful. I don’t think anyone is going to be spared. Our medium is such that we put ourselves out there to be judged,” she admits, urging that one just needs to “Not pay too much heed to it, and just keep going”.


Citing her own career trajectory, as an example, Anand asserts that it’s all about believing in yourself and do what you really what to do and cut out the unwanted noise. And her transition from small screen to silver screen is a testament to her beliefs.

“I’ve always wanted to be a part of the Hindi film industry. I didn’t know how to go about it. I used to be a choreographer before and teach dance at big sangeet nights shows and weddings. I went to acting school a few years later, just to see if I have it in me,” she reveals, recalling how pandemic made things look uncertain for a while, “But then in 2021, I got a call and everything turned upside down and just when I was losing hope that nothing was going to happen, I got this film”.


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