Anupam Kher is happy The Kashmir Files won a National Award: I’d have loved to win for my acting too as this is one of my finest performances | Bollywood


Actor Anupam Kher is happy that the The Kashmir Files won the National Award and he says the win is extra special because it was recognised as the Best Feature Film on National Integration.

Actor Anupam Kher is delighted and proud that his film The Kashmir Files won a National Award for Best Film on National Integration.
Actor Anupam Kher is delighted and proud that his film The Kashmir Files won a National Award for Best Film on National Integration.

Thanking the jury headed by Ketan Mehta, Kher says, “We had high hopes about it winning the National award because when you do your best work, you expect things to be happening. But whatever happened following the release, we never expected to win in this category. (Director) Vivek Agnihotri is not in the country at the moment but I can speak on his behalf and say that we never expected to win in this category after all that happened. This national award has answered every person who doubted the intention of this film. The honour in this category has put a double smile on our faces.”

When asked if he sees this as an answer to all the people who called it a propaganda project, Kher adds, “Sometimes you don’t even want to give a slap to people who thought otherwise. It’s the time for celebration and we want to continue doing it.”

However, one wish that remains unfulfilled is him getting an award for his performance in the movie. “I would have loved to win a National Award for my acting, too, because this is undoubtedly one of my finest performances. But like I mentioned (in my social media post), agar saari khwaishein poori hojaein to aage kaam karne ka maza kaise aayega,” he says.

Kher, congratulating all other winners, goes on to add, “Sometimes when you don’t win an award, the only thing you have to show is grace. It is not about undermining the person who has won it. Whether it’s Allu Arjun (Best Actor for Pushpa) or Pankaj Tripathi (Best Supporting Actor for Mimi), all of them are very talented actors and deserve all the appreciation and recognition. But I am very objective when it comes to performance and The Kashmir Files was one of my best performances. There are three-four categories that they give awards for. So it would have been nice. But again I would say that it’s not a complaint but just an observation.”

With the National award announcement, Kher also made another revelation that he was an Executive Producer for the film apart from contributing to it as an actor. “ I had requested Vivek to give me the title of executive producer and he was gracious enough to do that. I wanted that because I am also a Kashmiri Pandit. But we never talked about it,” he says. However, now, Kher felt it was time to share that as he feels he is “part of winning this special category award”.

The veteran actor wants to dedicate this award to all the people who suffered 32 years ago and were denied the recognition. “And to people who lost their lives, people who left their homes and all those for whom the film was made. This award is for all of them,” he ends.


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