Anusha Dandekar: People are just waiting to see my having a child | Bollywood


VJ-actor Anusha Dandekar left everyone surprised when she posted a picture on Instagram, in June last year, with a baby and wrote, ‘I finally have a little girl I can call my own.’ In no time, her comment section was full with questions asking if she has adopted a child, has she secretly married, has she become a mother and so on. However, she soon clarified that it was her best friend’s child, her Goddaughter. Earlier this month, the actor shared yet another adorable picture holding the baby and was again flooded with similar comments.

Actor Anusha Dandekar clarifies that the baby she posts pictures with is actually her Goddaughter Sahara.
Actor Anusha Dandekar clarifies that the baby she posts pictures with is actually her Goddaughter Sahara.

“I don’t know how is it not clear that the baby is not mine,” she tells us, adding, “Whenever I post a picture with her, people started commenting, ‘Oh, such a cute baby!’ and ‘How is it being a mom,’ and I paused for a second and thought, ‘Wait, what?’ Then, I try to explain to them what a goddaughter actually is.”

Though not upset but amused by such comments, the 41-year-old goes on to say, “I’ve always loved babies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I may have kids of my own. I may or I may not, I haven’t decided that yet. Maybe, people are just waiting to see my having a child. I love and support that I get for me being a mother, they must think I’m going to be a really good mum. But for now, I really love my friends’ babies.”

Talking about the baby in the pictures she often posts on Instagram, Dandekar, one more time, shares that it’s her best friend’s daughter, who lives in Bangalore.

“She is literally my lifeline. I was the maid of honour at her wedding, was visiting her during pregnancy and on her baby shower, so we are really close. Before having the baby, she asked me if I’d be her daughter’s godmother, and I said yes… It’s an honour and a big responsibility. It means I’ve to take any responsibility, when the parents can’t. So, Sahara is going to be a huge part of my life. I already know the first thing I am going to do with her once she grows up that her mum can’t, is going to Disneyland with her and doing all the girly little things,” gushes Dandekar.

Another thing that caught everyone’s attention on the actor’s Instagram recently, was her post updating fans about undergoing surgery for the removal of an ovarian lump. “It was about 8 cms so had to be taken out. I am doing much better now,” she informs.

Urging all women to not take their physical health for granted, she insists that everyone should go for regular medical checkups from a gynaecologist. “It’s very important. I learnt that while growing up in Australia. We were always taught to visit the gynaecologist and dentist every year. I found out about the cyst in one of my regular checkups. It was nothing serious, but had to be taken out. There were three more lumps in my uterus, which were also removed. I was on rest for good six weeks and was not allowed to do any kind of aggressive movement,” ends Dandekar.


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