Arbaaz Khan says Helen never tried to ‘separate’ the family | Bollywood


Actor Arbaaz Khan has opened up about the bond he shared with Helen, who is his father Salim Khan’s second wife. The veteran writer was already married to Arbaaz’s mother Salma when he decided to get married to Helen. Salim and Salma never ended their marriage and she now shares a great bond with Helen herself. Arbaaz talked about the family equation in an interview to Bollywood Bubble. (Also read: Helen recalls when her relationship with Salim Khan began; says his wife Salma had ‘gone through a lot at that time’)

Salim Khan with his wives Helen and Salma and their kids.
Salim Khan with his wives Helen and Salma and their kids.

Salim never ‘imposed’ Helen on family

Arbaaz said in the interview that while Salim did marry Helen, he did not expect the family and his kids to replace her with their mother. “My father never imposed Helen aunty on us. He knew that for these kids, their mother was important. I have another woman in my life but she has her own space. She too, also never tried to separate us or whatever it is. She was just happy that there was someone in her life you is just going to be there for her and she knew he had his own family, a wife and kids and she won’t disrupt that,” he said.

They are inseperable now

Arbaaz also mentioned that things have got better between them with time “It’s difficult for my mom at the time but she dealt with it. Whatever their reasons were to keep things going, whether it was children or circumstances, (she thought) ok fine, this has happened but still I need to be around this man or he felt that he still needs to be around this woman. They’ve had their own struggles that we have seen as kids but they’ve gone through that. And today, all of them are inseparable,” he said.

Salim and Salma have four children–sons Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan and daughter Alvira Agnihotri. Salim adopted daughter Arpita with Helen. The family often comes together on birthdays and festivals for dinners and lunches.d 


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