Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater are keeping it Low-Key amidst affair speculation


Ariana Grande and her new partner, Ethan Slater are reportedly making a conscious effort to maintain a low profile. 

Sources close to the couple have emphasized their determination to “navigate their new relationship in private.”

These speculations arose following alleged rumors of an affair while filming their joint project, Wicked. 

However, a recent insider statement has clarified that the situation has been exaggerated, describing it as “blown out of proportion.”

In July, both Grande and Slater publicly announced their separations from their respective partners. 

Multiple sources have since emphasized that their romantic involvement did not predate these announcements.

Addressing any questions regarding the timeline, a close family friend emphasized that Grande and Slater were friends and co-stars in an upcoming musical film adaptation, and their connection blossomed after their individual breakups. 

These sources have reiterated that the Thank U, Next hitmaker and her partner are striving to maintain a delicate balance between their public visibility and a respectful approach to all parties involved.

Another source emphasized that Ethan Slater’s primary focus remains on his infant son, born in August 2022, with his estranged wife.

The insider stated, “Ethan’s priority will always be to co-parent his son,” underscoring the actor’s dedication to his parental responsibilities.


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