Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater started dating months before Dalton Gomez split news


An insider has revealed that romance sparked between Ariana and Ethan on the set of Wicked
An insider has revealed that romance sparked between Ariana and Ethan on the set of ‘Wicked’

Back in May, while filming on set, Ariana Grande was spotted sharing an affectionate moment with her rumored love interest, Ethan Slater, which was followed by some laughter.

However, news has recently emerged that the 30-year-old singer has allegedly separated from her husband Dalton Gomez and is now romantically involved with her 31-year-old co-star.

In the surfaced images, the couple were in character as Galinda ( later renamed to Glinda the Good) and Boq on the set of Wicked, with Ethan leaning in closely for a conversation with Ariana.

According to sources who spoke with TMZ on Thursday, Ethan, 31, and Ariana started dating “several months ago” while they were still filming Wicked. It has been reported that Ariana ended her marriage with Dalton Gomez in January of this year.

In the film’s storyline, after Galinda rejects Boq’s affection, he becomes involved with Nessarose, the sister of Elphaba, portrayed by Cynthia Erivo. Following a spell cast by Nessarose in a fit of jealousy, Elphaba is compelled to use a spell to save Boq’s life, but it transforms him into the Tin Man.

However, there are speculations regarding the timing of their relationship, as TMZ reported that they started dating “several months ago,” whereas Ethan had shared a loving Mother’s Day post for his now-estranged wife Lilly Jay on May 14, with no indication of any separation.

In the post, Ethan also disclosed that the couple’s first child, a boy named Ezra, was born in late 2022.


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