Ariana Grande celebrates ‘Yours Truly’ with special live album performance


Ariana Grandes Yours Truly 10th anniversary promises vinyl reissue and more.
Ariana Grande’s ‘Yours Truly’ 10th anniversary promises vinyl reissue and more.

Ariana Grande has unveiled an exciting week-long lineup of events to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her debut album, Yours Truly. 

The festivities, as announced by the singer in a video featuring nostalgic footage from a decade ago, promise an array of exciting experiences for fans.

Kicking off on Friday, August 25, the celebration begins with the release of a deluxe digital edition of Yours Truly, complete with newly recorded live performances of the tracks Honeymoon Avenue and Daydreamin.

The excitement continues the next day with the launch of a Q&A session and a special merchandise capsule. On Sunday, fans can look forward to a live performance of Baby I.

For vinyl enthusiasts, August 28 marks the date for a vinyl preorder, presumably for a Yours Truly reissue, coinciding with the conclusion of the Q&A. 

Tuesday brings two more live performances, featuring Tattooed Heart and Right There, while the week-long celebration culminates on August 30, the exact 10th anniversary of the album’s release.

Ariana Grandes spectacular anniversary plans.
Ariana Grande’s spectacular anniversary plans.

In a follow-up Instagram story, Ariana Grande provided further details about the “deluxe” digital reissue of Yours Truly. 

She explained that it will include “Live from London” versions of the songs that were performed from the album. 


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