Ariana Grande reveals ‘bullying’ forced her to change ‘Yours Truly’ album art


Ariana Grande shed light on her decision to alter the album cover for the 10th anniversary edition of her debut record, Yours Truly. 

Ariana Grande disclosed that relentless ‘bullying’ from her fans, primarily centered around perceived unattractiveness in the original cover art, served as the primary motivation for the change.

Known for her chart-topping hits, she expressed that she had been profoundly impacted by the persistently negative commentary surrounding the image over the years. 

Ariana has shared her feelings regarding the initial reaction to the album cover for Yours Truly, her debut record, during a recent Q&A session on TikTok.

Responding to her fans’ opinions, Grande acknowledged their criticism by stating, “You were right, but you’re not always right.

Your bullying has been consistent for the past ten years, so there’s that.” 

She also recalled fans expressing their dissatisfaction, quoting them as saying, “This is f***ing ugly Mom, change it,” which prompted her to make the change.

When asked about the reason behind the cover art adjustment, the 7 Rings singer acknowledged the strong reactions from her fans, describing the original cover as “horrible – it’s not horrible, (but) you were right. You were very angry when you saw it.”


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