Banita Sandhu and AP Dhillon go official with their romance


Banita Sandhu and singer AP Dhillon make their romance Instagram official.
Banita Sandhu and singer AP Dhillon make their romance Instagram official.

Banita Sandhu, known for her role in October, has taken her relationship with singer AP Dhillon public, making it Instagram official in a series of charming snapshots.

The couple’s love story unfolded on Banita’s Instagram profile, where they shared moments of their newfound romance.

In the first frame, we see AP Dhillon sitting on the floor, with Banita leaning affectionately over him from a bed. 

The final frame depicts the couple holding hands, their backs to the camera, symbolizing their deep connection.

Accompanying these images is Banita’s caption, simple yet meaningful: “with me,” followed by a heart emoji. 

Banita further shared an image on her Instagram story, showing AP Dhillon helping her with her dress, cementing the notion that their love is no longer a secret.

The snapshots that marked Banita Sandhu and AP Dhillon’s Instagram official moment were actually taken during a recent party they attended together. 

This outing followed the release of AP Dhillon’s docu-series, AP Dhillon: First Of A Kind, which debuted on Amazon Prime earlier in the week. 

Rumors of their romantic involvement began circulating after the duo featured together in AP Dhillon’s recent music video, With You. 

Just a few days ago, Banita Sandhu shared behind-the-scenes moments from the video shoot on her Instagram profile. 

One of the images captured a tender moment between the rumored couple, while another reel depicted them sharing PDA. 


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