‘Barbie’ rocks with glowing reviews as premiere nears


Barbie will roll out in theatres on July 21
‘Barbie’ will roll out in theatres on July 21

Barbie’s rave reviews have confirmed the film has lived up to its hype after many called it this ‘summer’s hottest film.’

Greta Gerwig’s movie has satisfyingly impressed the critics by starring Margot Robbie as the Mattel Doll while Ryan Gosling in the Ken avatar.

The IndieWire reviewed, “Gerwig and Baumbach’s venture into the Real World is absolutely necessary — it unlocks the film’s thesis after besieging us with diverting fun, gives us the darling Greenblatt and her Barbie-obsessed mom Gloria (America Ferrera, who runs off with the film’s last act), and allows Will Ferrell to go nuts as the wacky (male!) CEO of Mattel.”

While Entertainment Weekly pours in, “Still, Barbie works hard to entertain both 11-year-old girls and the parents who’ll bring them to the theater. Gerwig co-wrote the script with her partner and longtime collaborator Noah Baumbach, and the entire screenplay is packed with winking one-liners, the kind that reward a rewatch.”

The Uproxx penned, “Make no doubt about it, Barbie is a very weird movie. One I enjoyed very much. And quite possibly the weirdest studio movie I’ve ever seen based on a product that another company is very much still hoping to sell.

While Variety said, “Check out the brain on Barbie! Sure, she’s just a doll, but that doesn’t mean she has to be an airhead. Therein lies “Lady Bird” director Greta Gerwig’s inspired, 21st-century solution to bringing one of America’s most iconic playthings to life on the big screen. 


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