Beyoncé & Jay-Z break ‘real estate’ record, fans remain unimpressed


Beyoncé & Jay-Z break real estate record, fans remain unimpressed
Beyoncé & Jay-Z break ‘real estate’ record, fans remain unimpressed

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have shelled out $200M on a mansion in California, making the purchase the most expensive real estate acquirement in the state.

As per TMZ, the power-couple signed the deal on the 30,000 sq-ft waterfront mansion in Malibu, California.

The mansion is located in the area fronting the Billionaires’ Row and was designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

It has registered a new record in the real estate sector for the most expensive home ever sold in the state, surpassing the last record of $177m in 2021.

The all-concrete villa’s previous owners were reportedly Bill Bell Jr, son of the opera Bold and Beautiful and The Young and the Restless creators, as per The Real Deal.

The ridiculously high purchase mostly negative reactions from the billionaire couple’s fans on social media.

“The house doesn’t seem like it’s worth the price,” one person commented.

Another said, “With all that money, she could have bought a prettier house.”

One user likened the mansion to a house in the Sims, tweeting, “This house looks like the most simple house in the Sims 3.”

Others were calling out the unreasonable amount of money reportedly splashed by the pair on the house.:

“The wealthy exhaust me,” one person commented.

Another chimed in, “No person in normal society should have so much wealth.”


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