‘Blue Bloods’ star Tom Selleck ‘I Don’t Think There Is an End Point’

The iconic CBS police drama Blue Bloods’ lead, Tom Selleck, has stated that he doesn’t believe the series has a conclusion. According to Selleck in an interview with TVLine, he and the show’s producers are “always looking for new ways to keep the show fresh and exciting.”

Concerns have been expressed concerning the future of Blue Bloods in light of Selleck’s remarks. The program, which is currently in its 13th season, is one of CBS’s most watched programs. But no show can go on indefinitely.

Diverse responses to Selleck’s remarks have been given by Blue Bloods viewers. Many more seasons of the show being possible has some fans very enthusiastic. Others worry that if it continues for too long, the show may eventually lose its quality.

Blue Bloods might continue for a sizable number of further seasons. The series continues to do well in the ratings and has a devoted fan base. On the other hand, if the show goes on for too long, it could also start to lose quality.

Not only Selleck, but other others have also stated that they don’t believe Blue Bloods has reached its conclusion. As stated by several cast members, the show’s current cast is content to work on it for as long as it is shown.

What then would Blue Bloods look like without Selleck? To say is challenging. The show would be impossible to envisage without Selleck since he is its heart and soul. The show’s creators, however, have stated that they have a strategy in place for what would take place if Selleck were to depart the program.

The benefits and drawbacks of a long-running program are intricate. On the one hand, long-running programs have the potential to gain a devoted following and develop into cultural institutions. On the other hand, long-running shows may eventually begin to lose their novelty and interest.

A long-running show needs to stay interesting and new. This can be accomplished through adding fresh characters and plotlines, as well as by modifying the show’s structure. Maintaining the show’s caliber is also crucial. Viewers will soon lose interest if the quality of the program starts to degrade.

There is no denying Selleck’s influence on Blue Bloods. Since the program’s debut in 2010, he has been its center and soul. Frank Reagan now has more gravitas and respect thanks to Selleck. He also contributed to the creation of a compelling and entertaining program.

What does Blue Bloods’ future hold? There is no way to know for sure. But it’s obvious that Selleck cares about the program and that the creators are working hard to keep it interesting. How long Blue Bloods will air is a question only time can answer.


Tom Selleck’s statements about Blue Bloods’ future raise questions about potential season extensions but also about potential quality loss if they go on too long. It’s unclear whether he had a permanent impact on the show.