Britney Spears despises Sam Asghari for ‘putting his movie career first’


Britney Spears despises Sam Asghari for putting his movie career first
Britney Spears despises Sam Asghari for ‘putting his movie career first’

Britney Spears does not want her husband Sam Asghari to prioritize work before her as the couple takes therapy to sort out marital issues.

The Hold Me Closer hitmaker resents the aspiring actor for giving major chunk of his time to his work which means she has to spend that time alone at home.

Speaking to Daily Mail, an insider said, “Sam has been out of town a lot because he has been on location filming outside of L.A. and it does cause issues because Britney does not like being alone.”

“She also thinks that Sam has been putting his movie career first,” the source added.

“She is supportive of his career but a part of her feels like she is the reason that his career took off in the first place,” the insider shared.

Admitting that the couple’s is going through some “major issues” in their marital life, the insider dismissed rumours that the couple has gotten “physical” during some of their fights.

The source said that Spears and Asghari are working over their relationship to sort out the differences between them, even undergoing “invaluable” marriage counseling.

“Britney has never gotten physically violent with Sam. She is not a violent person,” the insider said. “They are not headed for a divorce and their marriage is not in deep trouble.”

“They are doing marriage counseling together and find this to be invaluable to working out anything,” the source dished.

“Sam knows what she went through more than anyone and isn’t going to jump ship,” the insider concluded. “He knows how lucky he is and how good he has it.”

Rumours that Spears and Asghari’s marriage is going through some troubled time were sparked by a new sensational documentary by TMZ titled Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom.


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