Cannes boss dodges controversial questions as per usual


Cannes boss dodges controversial questions as per usual
Cannes boss dodges controversial questions as per usual

Controversial questions by reporters are a given at any presser ahead of and during the Cannes Film Festival. But the artistic director of the festival Thierry Fremaux refused to answer questions about anything but cinema prior to the festival’s launch.

Thierry Fremaux not only defended the inclusion of Johnny Depp who has been under public scrutiny following his trial with Amber Heard, but he also refused to cater to questions about Woody Allen and dismissed complaints about the ticketing system.

“So you’re not really asking about the cinema?” he said in response to one journalist. “I won’t talk about films that aren’t here,” he added.

Fremaux has a history of waiving off queries about cultural and political issues plaguing the festival. At his recent presser the Cannes artistic director subtly brushed aside several issues that need to be addressed including, a impending writers strike in France, The WGA strike, as well as Johnny Depp.

He also rubbished a complaint by “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” star Adele Haenel, in which she accused the festival of protecting its ‘rapist chiefs’.

“It’s a major event that has to express certain issues,” he said. “Above all, we are here to express the state of current cinema.”

The Cannes director said he is not concerned about the diminishing lure of the big screen.

“I have no concerns about that,” Fremaux told IndieWire.

The big screen has kept all its magic. It is even more important than before.”

Fremaux highlighted the numerous body of work the festival had to sift through for its lineup of approximately 70 features, adding that the festival had to reject 10,000 applications for industry accreditations this year.

One criticism that still needs to be addressed is that Cannes honours previously acclaimed filmmakers, leaving little opportunity for newer generations to flourish. 


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