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Celina Jaitly has penned a note for all those young girls who face negative comments for their brown skin colour and want to look like Barbie instead. She has asked them to not try to look lik a plastic doll and has talked about how every skin colour is beautiful. The actor said she addressed the issue when a girl wrote to her that she hates her brown skin. Also read: Celina Jaitly recalls losing her newborn son to a heart condition in 2017: ‘Finally summoned the courage to talk’

Celina Jaitly shared a new picture of herself while talking about brown skin.
Celina Jaitly shared a new picture of herself while talking about brown skin.

What the brown girl wrote to Celina

Sharing a stunning picture of herself, Celina wrote about the girl, “Didi I hate my brown skin….” A 15 year old girls (name withheld on request) message to me prompted me to post this version of my photograph created specially for her, to show her that the colour of your skin, eyes or hair does not dictate perception of beauty.”

Celina said in the note that the girl wrote to her: “Didi I want to look like you and I want be a real Barbie who is fair and has your eye. I hate my brown colour skin and black eye and hair. Everyone making fun of my dark colour with my aunty from neighbours house ppl call me brown bakri (goat). How can I be like you Why am I like this?”

Celina on the Barbie trend

Calling it an aftereffect of the Barbie trend, Celina wrote, “With the entire #barbie AI trend why am I feeling authentic and inclusive representation of different races and ethnicities is lacking on social media. In this entire recent #barbie movies trend on social media beyond the inaccuracies in cultural attire, the AI-generated Barbies everywhere on social media are whitewashed tremendously and I wondered about what message am I personally putting out there to little girls in promoting ideology of beauty.”

She continued, “So I want every girl out there to know that you are beautiful irrespective of your skin colour or eye colour or hair colour. Black is beautiful, brown is beautiful, white is beautiful… Diversity is beautiful. While the social narrative needs to change I want all of you out there reading this to love yourself irrespective of anyone might tell you. Work on being the best version of yourselves and not some Celina Jaitly and definitely NOT a plastic doll. Work out, eat well and healthy, laugh a lot, hang out with positive people who uplift you. You don’t need to be a certain type of narrative of beauty to be successful… you need to be the best version of your unique self.”

“Love & hugs little one my best wishes to you always…Continue to love yourself and grow up to be a a wonderful accomplished young woman !” #hadtobedone,” she added.

Celina lives in Austria with her hotelier husband Peter Haag and their three sons, 11-year-old twins Winston and Viraaj and five-year-old Arthur. She has worked in several Hindi films like Janasheen, No Entry, Apna Sapna Money Money, Jawani Diwani: A Youthful Joyride and Golmaal Returns.A


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