‘Chicago Med’ Season 9 teases Colin Donnell’s potential return


Chicago Med Season 9 teases Colin Donnells potential return
‘Chicago Med’ Season 9 teases Colin Donnell’s potential return

The prospect of Dr. Connor Rhodes making a comeback to Chicago Med season 9 remains uncertain but hopeful, according to insights shared by the show’s showrunners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider. 

While their comments were somewhat elusive, they conveyed an optimistic outlook for the character’s potential return, suggesting that there’s a chance of things falling into place in the future.

Schneider shared, “There’s a pretty good chance. It’s a question of logistics, and can we do it? But we would love to see Dr. Rhodes again. We want to bring him back in a meaningful way. We have a possibility if we can make it work.”

However, the situation is not without its complexities. Colin Donnell, the actor portraying Dr. Rhodes, is currently headlining the Peacock series ‘Irreverent,’ which adds a layer of challenge to the logistical aspects of his return. 

In an interview with TV Insider in 2023, Donnell candidly stated, “I have no idea, to be honest. 

“I have not ever heard any news about Connor’s return, but I know that they said the door was always open, and he’s somewhere at another hospital doing something.”

It’s been quite a while since Dr. Connor Rhodes graced the halls of Gaffney Medical Center. 

A pivotal figure in the early seasons of Chicago Med, his departure in season 5 left fans with lingering questions about the character’s fate and the possibility of his return.

Chicago Med has witnessed a revolving door of characters over the past year, saying farewell to seasoned veterans like Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) and Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss). 


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