Coldplay sued by former manager Dave Holmes over contractual dispute


Coldplay set to make grand return: Glastonbury 2024 reunion on the horizon?
Coldplay set to make grand return: Glastonbury 2024 reunion on the horizon?

Coldplay finds itself entangled in a legal tussle as reports emerge of a lawsuit filed by their former manager, Dave Holmes, citing a “contractual dispute.” 

The rocking band consisting of frontman Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, and drummer Will Champion, allegedly parted ways with Holmes in secret about a year ago, marking the end of a remarkable 22-year working relationship.

Dave Holmes, who joined forces with Coldplay back in 2001 after the departure of Phil Harvey, their initial manager, reportedly took on the responsibility of guiding the band’s career trajectory for the majority of their journey. 

Despite the covert nature of their separation, recent developments suggest that the separation wasn’t as amicable as it appeared. 

News has emerged that Dave Holmes has lodged a lawsuit in the UK, officially marking the beginning of a legal battle between him and the band. 

Coldplay’s spokesperson has confirmed this development to reputable sources, including Variety.

In the wake of this legal showdown, the reins of management have passed into the capable hands of the band’s first manager, Phil Harvey, along with Mandi Frost and Arlene Moon, who have collectively worked alongside Dave Holmes for a considerable period.

Recent reports have indicated that the band is engaged in advanced discussions to headline the legendary Glastonbury music festival in 2024, a prospect that has garnered immense attention within the music community.

The Sun has reported that the group appears to have strategically coordinated their 2024 schedules to align with the iconic Glastonbury festival dates. 


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