Controversial film creates chaos in ‘Tamil Nadu’


The Kerala Story is set to release on May 5
‘The Kerala Story’ is set to release on May 5

Film The Kerala Story activates chaos in India’s Tamil Nadu state ahead of its release. 

One of the government officials anonymously stated: “Some groups have called for protests. Our intelligence wing has taken note of their messages on social media.”

“Some Islamic groups have also approached the police in a few districts seeking a ban. But the government is not banning it. Even Kerala has not banned it. We have, however, relayed the alerts to all the law enforcement agencies to remain on high alert”, added the official.

The official further mentioned that, “The Intelligence officers have not given us any such recommendation, and the government has not taken any decision on it.”

The Muslim clerical body, after the trailer release of the film’s trailer, reached out to the court asking to impose a ban on release of controversial film.

As per the complainants, the movie degrades the entire Muslim community and its release can result in endangering the livelihood of the community. The petitioners also claim that the characters portrayed in the film has no resemblance to any real life person, living or dead.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court affirmed that it won’t entertain any complains demanding a ban on the release of The Kerala Story, reports HindustanTimes.

The Kerala Story is slated to release on May 5.


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