‘Daggy’ Prince Harry left looking ‘lame’ after Prince William serves big blow


Prince Harry was reportedly left looking and Prince William (R)
Prince Harry was reportedly left looking and Prince William (R) 

Prince William was lauded for serving a silent blow to Prince Harry in the span of just 36 hours.

While the Duke of Sussex was embarked on a “mini-tour” of Asia, Buckingham Palace announced the “redistribution of 21 military appointments” which came as a big upgrade for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

This major development, according to royal commentator Daniela Elser left the Duke of Sussex looking “unremarkable [and] lame” as the “contrast between the two social media outings could not be more sadly exquisite”.

Penning her thoughts for news.com.au, she shared that : “In one we have a man who managed to jettison his official standing and cashed in the import of his former working royal life to occasionally carpool with Ellen (I’m guessing) and the other who is looking more and more like a Sun King in the making.”

Comparing to Prince Harry and his brother, Elser said that in the pursuit of finding a new life away from the royal limelight, he ended up looking “daggy” while the Cambridge’s progressed with new titles and responsibilities under their wing.  

She added: “Or to put it another way, Harry, who served two tours on the frontline of Afghanistan, is now trying to reclaim his lost lad-dom while on a jaunty mini-break while his ‘arch-nemesises’ William and Kate, the woman who may or may not have made Meghan cry, are being given prestigious roles like sweeties.”

Elser noted that that this is “nearly like the life Harry wanted”, but the Duke of Sussex ended up “creating daggy influencer content with a former Ralph Lauren model”.


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