Dakota Johnson and Sean Penn’s new film set inside taxi in NYC


Dakota Johnson and Sean Penns upcoming film Daddio unveils intriguing stills.
Dakota Johnson and Sean Penn’s upcoming film ‘Daddio’ unveils intriguing stills.

Dakota Johnson and Sean Penn’s fans got an enticing glimpse into the forthcoming film Daddio, as two new stills from the production were revealed. 

This intriguing feature film is the brainchild of Johnson’s independent entertainment company, TeaTime Pictures.

In this unique cinematic experience, Sean Penn takes on the role of the taxi driver, while Dakota Johnson plays the passenger.

The movie unfolds entirely within the confines of a New York City taxi, as it follows the pair on a cab ride from JFK Airport to midtown Manhattan, capturing a single, profound conversation that evolves throughout their journey.

Originally conceived as a stage play, Daddio boasts a script penned by playwright Christy Hall, who also takes the helm as the director. 

TeaTime Pictures and Dakota Johnson shared a sneak peek of the film via a joint Instagram post, where the caption read, “First look at the newest member of the TeaTime family.” 

The post was accompanied by two emojis: a yellow taxi cab and the silhouette of a blonde woman, offering a tantalizing hint at what’s in store for audiences in this intriguing cinematic endeavor.


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