Disney is under fire from the original “Daredevil” showrunner for titling a new series “Daredevil: Born Again,” saying that this resets contract terms to the first season.

Steven S. DeKnight, the creator of the original series, has criticized Disney for calling a new television program Daredevil Born Again, raising questions about creator rights and the effects of corporate greed on the entertainment business.

Industry professionals comment on the matter.

Various industry insiders have offered their opinions on the matter, with some siding with DeKnight and others supporting Disney.

One industry insider stated that “it’s standard practice in the industry to change the title of a show or movie when it’s being revived.” This is frequently done to avoid misunderstandings with the original work and to give the new show or movie a fresh identity.

One more industry authority disagreed, though. They said that Disney was clearly attempting to avoid paying the original series’ producers. “It’s business greed at its best,”

The original series’ creators may be significantly impacted by the new “Daredevil” series’ title change.

Even though the new series is essentially a continuation of the first, if DeKnight’s allegations are accurate, they won’t be paid for their work on it.

This might create a risky precedent for other industry innovators. If Disney gets away with it, other businesses might do the same, which would prevent creators from getting paid for their labor on sequels, prequels, and other derivative works.

Corporate greed has significantly impacted the entertainment sector, with businesses exploiting creators and failing to provide proper compensation, highlighting the need for attention to ensure fair compensation for the creativity and labor of creators.

What can be done to protect the rights of creators?

It is essential to enhance copyright rules, update them to reflect digital realities, and secure fair pay in order to protect creators’ rights. Increasing transparency in the entertainment sector can also assist stop businesses from taking unfair advantage of workers and refusing to pay them fairly.

Fans of the original “Daredevil” series are urged to take action.

By protesting the new series’ title change, followers of the original “Daredevil” can aid in defending the rights of creators. By watching the original series and recommending it to their friends and family, they may also help the series’ creators.

Additionally, viewers can write to Disney and request that they fairly pay the original series’ producers.


The debate surrounding “Daredevil: Born Again” underscores the importance of protecting creators’ rights and addressing corporate greed in the entertainment industry.