DJ Khaled talks ‘minute-by-minute’ breakdown of morning routine


DJ Khaled talks ‘minute-by-minute’ breakdown of morning routine
DJ Khaled talks ‘minute-by-minute’ breakdown of morning routine

DJ Khaled has just offered in-depth detail into his morning routine, minute by minute.

The music executive weighed in on everything during his most recent interview with People magazine.

He started by explaining that this morning routine is more for days when he’s not promoting any album.

Khaled admits 7:30 a.m. is his wake-up time, that is followed by a quick shower at 8:15 a.m. and a quick moisturizing routine where he spreads “that cocoa butter all over” by 8:47 a.m.

By 9:30 a.m., he heads out for some golf, after kissing his entire family.

For those unversed, DJ Khaled shares two kids, sons Asahd, 6½, and Aalam, 3 with partner Nicole Tuck, 47.

He was even quoted saying, “That’s my routine on-cycle and off-cycle. Because there’s only one cycle. It’s called show gratitude in life every day.”

“Even if you want to call it on-cycle or off-cycle, my life is making sure my kids are happy, making sure my queen is happy. And then after that, I do things to keep me inspired more because I’m inspired that they’re happy.”

He also said, “Every day I wake up, I show my gratitude to God and my kids and my wife. That’s something I really do. I don’t talk it. I live it.”

During the Zoom interview, the background of the scene also featured his eldest playing a bit basketball right next to him, and for this he exclaimed, “I just love seeing what he loves to do.”

Scratch that “Forget what I love to do. I love seeing what he loves to do and I support my kids in anything they want to do.”

He also added, “And the beautiful thing is we like each other. We like some of the same things. Like father, like son. I like to golf. They like to golf. I like to play basketball. They like to play basketball. I like to go in the studio. They like to go in the studio. I guess that’s it. That’s in the DNA.”


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