Drake call ‘Weirdos’ for criticizing his bond with Millie Bobby Brown in a new song.

  1. A Disputed Relationship

Since it was initially made public in 2017, Drake and Millie Bobby Brown’s connection has generated controversy. Drake was 30 years old and Brown was only 13 years old.

Drake has come under fire from some for being overly cordial with a youngster. Others have justified the relationship, asserting that friendships between adults and children are very normal.

  1. Drake’s Latest Track

Drake responds to the criticism of his friendship with Brown in a brand-new song titled “Another Late Night.” He rhymes, “Weirdos in my comments talkin’ ’bout some Millie Bobby, look / Bring them jokes up to the gang, we get to really flockin’.”

Drake has been criticized for his closeness with Brown, and this is evident in his lyrics. He refers to his critics as “weirdos” and implies that they are overreacting over nothing.

  1. Brown’s Argument in Favor of Friendship

Additionally, Brown has defended her relationship with Drake. She stated, “I am friends with a lot of people who are older than me,” in a Rolling Stone interview. I have buddies who are younger than I am. Really, it depends on who you are acquainted with.

She also expressed her gratitude for Drake’s assistance. He is a fantastic buddy and role model, she declared. I’ve learned a lot from him about the music and business.

  1. The Value of Friendships that Suit Your Age

Having friendships that are appropriate for your age is crucial. Children and adults should not be buddies because this could lead to an undesirable power dynamic. However, as long as the friendship is proper and the adult is not taking advantage of the youngster, there is no harm in adults having friendships with teenagers.

  1. Online Criticism Is Risk

The negative online comments about Drake’s association with Brown serve as a warning about the perils of social media. It is simple to say harsh things to somebody while hiding behind a screen. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that even when said online, words have the power to hurt.

  1. The Value of Refusing to Bow to Criticism

Drake is defending himself against his detractors by naming them in his newest song. He’s letting them know that he won’t be deterred by their criticism.

Standing your ground against critics is crucial, especially when they are saying cruel things. We shouldn’t let critics dictate how we live our lives or how we interact with others.

7.The Influence of Friendship

Friendship is a strong emotion. It can give us love, support, and amusement. Regardless of the age of our friends, it is crucial to value our friendships.

Their friendship serves as a reminder that, as long as the relationship is suitable and courteous, we can be friends with people of different ages.

  1. The need to love more and judge less

We need to love more and judge less. When we don’t have all the facts, we shouldn’t be so ready to judge others.

No matter their age or ethnicity, we should prioritize forming relationships with others. Additionally, we need to help one another more, especially during trying times.

  1. The Value of Establishing Boundaries

Setting limits in our relationships is crucial. This is particularly valid when we have friendships with individuals of various ages.

Adults ought to respect the limits that adolescents set. Teenagers must respect the limitations imposed by adults.

  1. The Prospect for Better Days

I dream of the day when people won’t be assessed based on the friendships they have. No matter what our age or background, I hope that we will be more accepting of one another.

Additionally, I hope that we would help one another more, especially during trying times.


The message in Drake’s latest song is to stand up to detractors and value our connections. It serves as a reminder to love more and judge less.

I dream of the day when people will not be condemned for their friendships and we would all be more welcoming and helpful to one another.