Drew Carey pays touching tribute to late Bob Barker of ‘Price is Right’


Drew Carey pays touching tribute to late Bob Barker of Price is Right
Drew Carey pays touching tribute to late Bob Barker of ‘Price is Right’

The late Bob Barker was honoured with a special commendation episode hosted by his replacement, Drew Carey, on The Price Is Right.

The longest-running daytime game show highlighted an hour of Barker’s biggest triumphs, his affection for his competitors, his animal advocacy, and historic moments on the show on Thursday’s edition.

“Most people remember Bob from the 35 years he spent hosting The Price Is Right,” Carey, 65, started.

“So it’s easy to forget that for 18 years, he was a fixture in America’s living rooms for Truth or Consequences, a radio host before that, and a naval aviator during World War II. We’ll also remember Bob for his tireless work on behalf of all animals from whales and elephants to the cats and dogs who reminded everybody at the end of the show to get spayed or neutered.”

He continued, “You know, I mentioned the word ‘legend’ earlier and how that word gets thrown around all too much these days. It couldn’t be more appropriate when you think about Bob’s time on The Price Is Right.”

Carey said that his abilities were “second nature” and that Barker was regarded as “the master of the game,” and that he always made sure the participants were “the real stars of the show.”

“Today, we celebrate Bob’s legacy with a look back at some of the incredible moments of his time here on The Price Is Right,” he said with emotion. “This is for you, Bob.”

The broadcast then cut to a clip of Barker detailing how he began his great career in television after serving in the military in 1972.

“Bob celebrated more milestones on the show than we can count,” Carey said. “The thousands of episodes, becoming the longest-running game show in television history, celebrating his 50 years in television and so many more.”

Considering the several milestones he achieved during his tenure on the show, the current Price Is Right presenter stated that Barker was the “most touched” when CBS announced that the soundstage would be renamed “The Bob Barker Studio” in his honour.

A flashback of Lucy Johnson, the former SVP of daytime programming at CBS, granting the honour played. “In honour of your 26 years here at CBS and in celebration of your 5,000th episode of The Price Is Right, all of us at CBS would like to express our congratulations by officially renaming this historic stage the Bob Barker studio,” she said.


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