Dua Lipa shares thoughts about parenthood and having baby: ‘Nothing’s planned’


Dua Lipa is primarily concerned with taking care of her fan base. The pop sensation, 28, revealed that parenthood isn’t on her mind right now in a cover story for Vogue France that was released on Thursday.

After the Dance the Night singer talked about her tight relationships with her parents and living grandparents and added, “Family is so precious,” Vogue France enquired as to whether she intended to have children in the future.

“Hmm, maybe. But nothing’s planned!” she said.

She also confessed that there’s one “baby” in her life getting all of her love and attention. The hitmaker joked, “The only baby I’m thinking about is my new album.”

The Levitating singer spoke candidly about why she appreciates having more time to devote to her personal interests.

Lipa told the magazine, “I think that women have acquired a place in society that was forbidden before. And yet, has the desire to have children disappeared? I think women want to do things at their own pace, and not feel guilty for thinking of themselves.”

She added, “For me, when the moment is right, I will know. But, until then, I have other priorities. I want to continue making the most of my youth.”

The Grammy winner resumed voicing her opinions on feminism. “I also see this endless criticism of women’s choices. It’s like navigating a minefield from the very beginning,” she said. “For me, it’s really important to respect women’s choices, whatever they are.”

She even opened up about her support of the LGBTQ community. Lipa said, “Homophobia and transphobia are neighbors of misogyny. Many people, deep down, are just scared of themselves. The freedom of others forces them to come to terms with something they are too scared to express. The beauty of a free, true and proud being paralyzes them.”


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