Emily Blunt reflects on working atmosphere on ‘Oppenheimer’ set


Emily Blunt has recently reflected on the working atmosphere on the set of Oppenheimer.

Blunt, who plays Oppenheimer’s wife, Kitty, while raising two children with substance addiction, revealed that movie considered to be “intense” had more lighter moments working on Christopher Nolan’s movie.

“I think people would imagine it was terribly intense and we all walked around saying we are making an important movie with a capital ‘I,’ but it didn’t feel like that,” said The Devil Wears Prada actress on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast.

Emily Blunt reflects on working atmosphere on Oppenheimer set

Blunt stated, “It felt very warm and fun and joyful even though there’s the inevitable intimidation factor of working with Chris Nolan and the awareness that you’re gonna have to tighten the screws on yourself.”

Blunt disclosed that Nolan would create “a rather casual attitude on set, even when filming the biggest of scenes”.

“Everything is calm. No chaos,” admitted the Jungle Cruise actress.

Blunt added that the cast even offered opportunities for laughter, something you may not expect on the set of the rather serious movie.

“There were plenty of LOLs on set,” she concluded.


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