EXCLUSIVE| Chrisann Pereira on coming back to India: I feel safe now, jail was scary, I was shocked | Bollywood


Four months after being framed in a fake drug case and being arrested in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE) actor Chrisann Pereira returned to Mumbai on Thursday after getting cleared, much to the delight of her near and dear ones.

Actor Chrisann Pereira returned to India on August 3.
Actor Chrisann Pereira returned to India on August 3.

The first thing she did was go and meet Mumbai Police Commissioner Vivek Phansalkar and other senior police officials to thank them for their help. And the second thing? Talking to us. “I am so happy to be back. I feel safe and happy to be reunited with my family. I am looking forward to whatever life has to bring to me. If we can tackle this, we can tackle anything,” she sounds happy.

Calling the past couple of months “crazy”, she gives us a sneak peek into what went on inside her head, when she was jailed. “It is extremely scary. I did not meet a lot of people like me. So many there already knew about drugs, drug lords, and had been there in the country for a long time. They knew more about the situation than I did. I went into a cloud of darkness, and had no idea what was going on. It was a culture shock. I was also shocked with the overall situation. I was mentally overthinking the entire situation, and trying to make sense ‘why would someone do this to me?’,” Pereira’s voice cracks up.

Losing hope in such a situation is very easy, so what kept her going? “Every day I would just say ‘I have to survive today’… I would wake up with that intention. Once I spoke to my parents 17 days in, they gave me hope, and updates every single day on my case. I had people in the jail I used to talk to, I would workout to keep my mental health okay in jail. I danced to no music at all, just to keep it going,” says the 27-year-old.

And the trauma of a stressful situation of course takes a toll, both mentally and physically. She admits, “It has taken a big toll, I will not deny. Obviously when you go to another country, the weather and water are different, but this level of stress is not normal. I hope to bounce back and use all the help I have at hand to jump right back into work.”

What was her reunion like with her family in India? Pereira shares, “They have been telling me all that went down when I was in jail… I didn’t want to talk about all that earlier. Then we are talking about how much time we are going to be spending together, the food we will eat, the little things in life which we must appreciate now.”

Life itself is something which we are sure she values too, now. “Yes,” ends Pereira as she goes off to join her family again.


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