Friendship Day Exclusive: Vaani Kapoor says she has a sibling-like bond with BFF Anushka Ranjan Kapoor | Bollywood


Blessed are those who have friends like family. And this is precisely why actors Vaani Kapoor (34) and Anushka Ranjan Kapoor (32) consider themselves lucky to have found each other. As we get talking to the BFFs on International Friendship Day, Vaani tells us, “I’m like siblings with Anushka. In fact, I feel like I am an adopted child of their family.” The two have known each other since the day Vaani moved to Mumbai from Delhi to become an actor. “It’s good to have a family especially for someone like me who stays away from home,” adds Vaani.

Vaani Kapoor and Anushka Ranjan Kapoor have been friends ever since the former shifted to Mumbai.
Vaani Kapoor and Anushka Ranjan Kapoor have been friends ever since the former shifted to Mumbai.


The two first met a common friend’s house, where Anushka often used to go to watch movies. “And I don’t know how but we just instantly bonded, exchanged numbers and made plans to go for jog as we lived in the same area,” shares Anushka, who now lives in the same building as Vaani. While they gradually became friends, Anushka reveals they took good amount of time to know each other. “But after we did, it was a bond that I’d like to last till death part us. I call Vaani ‘my queen’. That’s how her number is saved in my phone with a crown emoji,” she adds with a smile.


When asked about that one thing people don’t know about them, Anushka starts by saying, “Vaani has a super hilarious, silly, funny side to her which I want the world to see. I tell her that you’re more lovable when you show your entirety to everybody. And I enjoy being with her so much so that if there are 20 people going out, I’d cancel the plan and be with her in my pyjamas. She is very goofy,” says Anushka, adding that Vaani is a big time foodies. “She can literally have 10 lunches, 12 dinners and snacks in every 10 minutes. People believe she survives on air, but when she starts to eat, it leaves me surprised,” she laughs.

Vaani doesn’t hold back either when it comes to showering praises on her BFF stating that with Anushka, one doesn’t even feel the need to go out for having fun. “You can just be at home and enjoy to the fullest because Anushka is extremely entertaining. She’ll feed you with great food and healthy gossip. We love watching very random movies that are meant for a good laugh. We get crazy over a dialogue and keep repeating the same,” she tells us.


Calling herself “super selective” about people in her life, Vaani shares that she’s extremely happy to have met Anushka. “These are the people who have the power to hurt me as well as make me happy, and Anushka is one of them. She’s one of the warmest people I know,” says Vaani, adding, “Even if I introduce her to my friends from Delhi, she’ll gel with them really well… they actually become her friends. You cannot not be Anushka’s friend. I’ve never said this to her face but she has the loveliest heart. She brings a side to our friendship that I perhaps don’t have in me. I love the fact that she never gets offended. When everyone’s looking for an opportunity to get offended on the lamest thing, this is something I find rare and cherish a lot about her.”

Anushka, on the other hand, admires Vaani’s childlike innocence. “Vaani will always give a benefit of doubt to the other person. She’s so positive about everything… Even if I’m bitching about someone, she’d somehow try to show me the other (positive) side of it, and I’d be like, ‘Let me just say and laugh it off’. Sometimes, I feel like punching her for being so nice that I feel people might walk over her. Of course, I don’t want to change that about her… that’s also a very rare quality,” Anushka.


At times, when the two can’t be there for each other physically, Anushka says she makes sure to be a call away if Vaani needs her. “I may not always have the right words to help her with a bad day, I make sure to convey that, ‘I’m here for you to help with whatever you are going through’. I try to create a comfortable space for her. If I come across a quote while reading a book, I send it to her,” says Anushka.

While they try to spend most of their time celebrating little things, Vaani says they also have deeper conversations about different facets of life. “Beyond all the funny, frivolous talks, we discuss about so many other things. We share interest beyond films and music, and we are pretty in sync,” says Vaani, asserting that they don’t impose their opinion on each other. “We may have different views on certain things, but we respect that and try to understand the other person’s perspective. That’s why we’ve never had arguments other than while playing games because I get super competitive,” she laughs.


Not just best friends, Vaani and Anushka are also each other’s confidante and secret keepers. Vaani reveals that even if Anushka hadn’t gone public about her relationship with now husband Aditya Seal, “I always knew that she was was fully into Adi”. She recounts, “They went to Paris (for the proposal) and she video called us from there. It was so special and I was so happy for her… Though Anushka never became a bridezilla.”

Appreciating Vaani for being by her side throughout the wedding despite her social anxiety, Anushka says, “I’d have been fine even if Vaani had left early from the wedding functions, because I knew how socially awkward she is. But she stayed with me all the time. When I needed something, she gave it to me on the platter without me having to ask. I cannot look back and recall one incident where Vaani was not there for me. And that’s why I say this that isko toh ab saath khoon maaf hain.”


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