Hailey Bieber sends wishes to ‘Best Friend’ Justine Skye on Instagram


Hailey Bieber on Thursday delighted her Instagram followers with a burst of entertaining and endearing content. 

Hailey Bieber dedicated a series of photos and videos on her Instagram Stories to celebrate the birthday of her “best friend,” singer Justine Skye, who turned 28 on August 24th.

Bieber kicked off her Instagram stories with a special birthday shoutout for Skye.

She affectionately wrote, “UH OHHHHH. ITS MY BEST FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY!!!! TWENTYATEEE @justinesyke,” setting the stage for a joyous celebration.

The initial Instagram story featured a delightful photo of the dynamic duo, both wearing beaming smiles as they lounged on a plush gold leather couch. 

Hailey sported an oversized red sports jersey paired with stylish black sunglasses, while the birthday girl, Justine Skye, rocked a chic blue velvet over-the-shoulder mini dress and sleek black boots.

In a video clip, Hailey Bieber and Justine Skye wrapped their arms around each other, holding their breath as they stood on a bustling sidewalk. 

The absence of audio in the video only added to the mystery and fun of their sidewalk escapade.


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