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Hansal Mehta has said that he had his own low phases in which he fought against impulses to harm himself. He also talked about the financial pressures in an industry that runs on emotions, as he paid his respects to Nitin Desai. Hansal also said that his low phases came particularly after his critically acclaimed film Omerta, as well as the controversial film Simran. Famous art director Nitin was found dead at his studio in Mumbai. (Also read: Hansal Mehta slams mandatory smoking disclaimer on OTT platforms)

Hansal Mehta opens up on his own financial struggles and the time when he felt really low.
Hansal Mehta opens up on his own financial struggles and the time when he felt really low.

Hansal after Omerta, Simran

Hansal tweeted Wednesday afternoon, “Financial pressures in an industry run on emotions can be debilitating. I have faced many a crisis, particularly after Omertà and Simran. The failure of the film and the cycle of debt I got into led me toward a very dark place. The involvement of ‘powerful’ mediators or shall I say coercive forces made things even worse. It was a scary time. I fought the impulse very often in the not-so-distant past to do something harmful to myself.”

Hansal’s dark tunnel, and his family support

Hansal then credited his family for their support and wrote, “This was mostly because of the comfort given by family and some true friends who I could talk to. But in times that I Was alone it always felt like a deep, dark, and endless tunnel. I wouldn’t have original ideas to share, I wouldn’t have any creative thoughts and I often succumbed to considering myself much inferior to many around me – both as an artist and as a human being.”

Nitin Desai

“Somehow the faith that this darkness would end and even more by seeking professional help and of course being blessed enough to be immersing myself in work I’ve managed to emerge out of that awful phase. The great Nitin Desai’s tragic passing away and talks of his troubles got me revisiting that time. Am terribly sad at the loss of a remarkable artist. Om Shanti,” Hansal Mehta wrote on the social media platform that has recently been rechristened as X.

Nitin was found dead at his Mumbai studio and cops suspect he died by suicide. Reports also suggest that he was in debt and had some financial struggles.


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