Harry Styles declined Met Gala invitation to avoid Olivia Wilde, Emily Ratajkowski


Harry Styles did not come to Met Gala 2023 despite receiving invitation because he did not want to see his ex Olivia Wilde and new fling Emily Ratajkowski together.

The As It Was singer was spotted locking lips with the model in Tokyo months after his breakup with the Don’t Worry Darling director.

The viral video featuring the singer kissing Ratajkowski was reportedly a blow for Wilde as the model is one of her close friends.

So to avoid an “awkward run in” with the ladies, Styles snubbed the fashion extravaganza, reported Daily Mail.

“Harry was invited to the Met Gala, but knowing that both of them were definitely going, he avoided it like it was the bubonic plague,” an insider told the outlet.

“He was told by his team that they would take all necessary steps to ensure that there was no awkward run in with Olivia, but he was not trying to risk it at all,” the source added.

“Harry has no desire to have a face-to-face encounter with Olivia at this time,” the source added of Wilde — who reportedly felt “betrayed” by her friend after she kissed the film director’s ex-boyfriend.

“Running into Olivia at an event with Emily would just be way too intense,” the insider shared before noting that there was no visible tensions between Ratajkowski and Wilde at the event.


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