Harry Styles, Taylor Swift lend vocals for I See the Light in Tangled live-action


In a fantastical world – the preferred world of internet users – Harry Styles and Taylor Swift would make the perfect Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in the rumored live-action remake of Tangled.

It was reported earlier this month that Disney was eyeing a live-action adaptation of the beloved film, prompting fans to offer their best candidates for the lead roles.

However, what makes the prospective casting tricky is the amalgamation of good acting and a pleasant singing voice is a prerequisite for any Disney film remake.

What may present itself as a commotion for the casting agents ended up becoming the perfect opportunity for fans of Styles and Swift to push their casting.

To prove their point, one of the fans even imagined the exes singing the iconic song from the animated film I See the Light with the help of artificial intelligence.

Fans were delighted at the Haylor fan’s dandy effort, rallying behind in support of the casting once again.

“How is this not REAL???!!!” one of the users expressed.

“do you think taylor swift ever sees these and she thinks this will be a good idea to actually make,” wondered a second fan.

“Screaming, crying throwing up. I will never recover from this,” a third exclaimed.

“OH. MY. GOD. THIS IS PERFECT,” enthused another.

Rumored Casting for Tangled Live-Action Remake:

There hasn’t been any official announcement of a live-action remake from Disney itself, however, it has been reported that Florence Pugh is among the frontrunners for the role of the long-haired princess.

Jada Pinkett-Smith was also rumored to have been considered but the report was shortly refuted by a fact-checking website.


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