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Harsha Bhogle has said that he was apprehensive, before watching Ghoomer but all his apprehensions and uneasiness were put to rest because of the wonderful film that it is. He was also impressed with the way R Balki managed to weave the story of an Olympic gold medalist from Hungary into the Indian setup. (Also read: Ghoomer review: Abhishek Bachchan, Saiyami Kher’s stellar acts will move you)

Harsha Bhogle reviews Ghoomer.
Harsha Bhogle reviews Ghoomer.


Ghoomer tells the story of a cricketer who loses her hand in an accident and then trains and strives to be back in the Indian team. Saiyyami plays the role of the cricketer while Abhishek Bachchan essays the role of her coach. Directed by R Balki, the film also features Shabana Azmi and Angad Bedi and is set to hit theatres on August 18.

Harsha felt uneasy

In a video shared by the YouTube channel of Ghoomer producers Hope Productions, Harsha said, “I went to see a movie recently and I went with a combination of excitement and unease.” He said that he was excited because Ghoomer is a cricket movie and he wanted to see how they weave it in the story.

“A little bit of unease, because I didn’t know how I’d react to film where I knew a lot of people in it.I’ve known Balki for a long time.There’s been a debate in the house or whether we like Cheeni Kum more or Paa more. I was always on the Paa side, my wife was on Cheeni Kum side. I’ve been invested in Sayami Kher’s performance as she is an outstanding anchor and also a cricketer. I wanted to see how she combined the two. So I was a little confused about how I’d react to the film with people that I knew in it.”

He added, “I was also a little concerned about how the cricket would be shot. We’ve all seen sports movies where the emotion is built up, the drama is built up and then suddenly the sport starts and you say, yeah, they tried to teach the actor cricket but it’s not working.Within the first ten minutes or so, that first fear was gone.” He said that Saiyyami was making all the right moves and he was soon fascinated with how Balki focused on the little things carefully.

Saiyyami is a cricketer and actor

“It’s not just Saiyyami – who is a proper cricketer. She’s an actor, but she’s also a proper cricketer. So there was never going to be any doubt about that, but also on how the rest of the characters play. When there’s an India-England game, they’re all cricketers playing and he (Balki) didn’t compromise on that. That gives the movie a touch of authenticity.” He added that Saiyyami being an actor as well as a cricketer helped her bring all the nuances of her character and make it all look authentic.

Abhishek’s outstanding performance

Talking about Abhishek’s performance, Harsha said, “Then there was Abhishek Bachchan. I think he lives the role of the coach.Sometimes you can have a coach who’s trying to motivate a player, whether it’s the hard way or the soft way, but sometimes the lines can appear a little straight out of a motivational lecture. I love the way Abhishek married the two into his character. I could recognize a couple of cricketers within the within the character that Abhishek plays, but I’ll leave it for you to decide.But needless to say, he is outstanding especially in the first half.”

Harsha then said that he film is about hope, more than anything else. He added that he liked the fact that the film does not “talk down women’s cricket”, or other issues that plague our society. He wrapped up his video saying that he is now reviewer but he loved the way the story of a Hungarian athlete was woven into Indian setup and the language of cricket was chosen for the same.


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