Helen Mirren shades Johnny Depp’s royal comeback?


Helen Mirren shades Johnny Depps royal comeback?
Helen Mirren shades Johnny Depp’s royal comeback?

Helen Mirren clarified she did not intend anything with her bamboo style fan-folding at Johnny Depp’s Jeanne du Barry at the Cannes film festival,

After eagle-eyed observers interpreted her ‘Worth It’ label fan to be a sign of her support for Amber Heard.

Earlier, avid fans of the Drive Angry star put out the AmberIsWorthIt hashtag to highlight their support for the actor in her high-profile case against her former husband last June.

But, the legendary actor quashed the wild speculations, saying, “No secret message was intended,” adding, “I am a L’Oréal ambassador, they are a sponsor of the festival, and quite truthfully, I picked up a fan because I was hot. ‘Because You’re Worth It’ is the official L’Oréal Paris slogan.”

In other news, Cannes Film Festival chief Thierry Fremaux defended Depp’s entry on “freedom of speech.”

The chief argued, “I don’t know about the image of Johnny Depp in the U.S. To tell you the truth, in my life, I only have one rule, it’s the freedom of thinking, and the freedom of speech and acting within a legal framework,” according to Variety.


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