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Actor Imran Khan is back on social media and he has been more active than ever. Recently, he responded to a user on Instagram who talked about the actor wanting validation through likes in order to make his comeback in films. For the unversed, Imran recently confirmed his Bollywood comeback after leaving the decision to his loyal fans and asking them to hit one million likes. Also read: Imran Khan reveals his eyelashes got burnt during Luck action scene

Imran Khan has been actively responding to posts on Instagram lately.
Imran Khan has been actively responding to posts on Instagram lately.

Imran Khan on claims of seeking validation with 1 Million likes

Imran recently responded to a user, Ishpreet Balbir, who posted a video of himself with his poetry. In the video, he says, “In a world where Imran Khan needs one million likes to make a movie and not the realization that each time a couple has a movie date, they think of watching I Hate Luv Storys. Every time a group of friends get together to watch a movie, their go-to choice is Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. An Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu gives hope to a confused introvert kid learning how to be an adult that there is someone for everyone. When we simp for someone we play Kahin Toh on loop. Maybe we have turned the world into a place where love is counted. Maybe validation comes with numbers. Maybe life isn’t all sweet and hopeful like those Imran Khan movies.”

Responding to the post, a humbled Imran Khan reached out to the comment section. He commented, “The truth is, it was never about a million likes. I picked the number because it seemed unattainable, and since it would never happen anyway, I could just quietly retreat again, no questions asked. I didn’t count on all of you picking it up and carrying it forward… After all this time, I didn’t think anyone would still care enough to reach out and tell me they believe in me. Your love humbles me.”

Imran Khan reveals he did not get paid for his film

Not only this, but Imran also replied to yet another user in the comment section who wanted a refund for the actor’s films like Luck and Kidnap. The user said, “1 million likes if y’all want Imran Khan to return your money if you paid to watch Kidnap and Luck.” To this, the Luck actor revealed that he is yet to receive his payment for one of the films.

Imran wrote back to the person, “That money actually goes to the theater owners first, then to the producers… as it happens, they never cleared my final payment on that film, so maybe we can all take the issue up with them?”

Imran Khan back on social media

Imran recently shared behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram, days after his hiatus on social media. He also confirmed his comeback and told fans on Threads, “To whom it may concern; I hear you. And I’m working on it. Thank you for being so patient with me.” His last release was Katti Batti with Kangana Ranaut in 2015.


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