Jason Momoa reveals why he doesn’t have a big fight sequence in ‘Fast X’


Jason Momoa reveals why he doesnt have a big fight sequence in Fast X
Jason Momoa reveals why he doesn’t have a big fight sequence in ‘Fast X’

Actor Jason Momoa explains why Fast X doesn’t feature a face-off between lead Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his character, Dante Reyes.

Jason Momoa plays Dante Reyes in his Fast debut, a cold-blooded baddie seeking to get even after the death of his father, Hernan Reyes, in Fast Five.

During an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for Fast X, Momoa revealed the reason there isn’t a big fight sequence is because his character gets off on pain and knows too well he has the advantage.

“We had a big fight scene planned for me and [Dom], and we’ve seen that we’ve done that. They don’t need to get into the showdown of fighting each other. I think it’s way more interesting; he gets the kicked out of him, and he loves it. To get off on being beat up and just how he can get close to him because he’s got the upper hand.”

“He constantly has the upper hand on Dom. And it’s not that we don’t want to see them fight because that showdown’s going to come and that’ll be violent, especially with someone who just adores pain and is probably already dead inside. It’s scary when someone’s getting off on that pain. I wanted that to be there and, through that, his humour.”

Fast X follows Dom and his family as they face off against a new villain, Dante Reyes, played by Jason Momoa. Brie Larson has also been cast in the film as an agent who partners with Vin Diesel.


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