Jeremy Renner shares ‘miraculous’ progress after his snowplow accident


Jeremy Renner is getting back in form as he recovers from his life-threatening snowplow accident.

The Hawkeye actor, 52, shared update with his fans with a video of him training.

The Mayor of Kingstown star showed his excellent recovery progress after he was hospitalised due to the snowplow accident on New Year’s Day.

“UPDATE: I’ve decided to push through the pain of progress (this damn shattered tibia) and take the new parts for a tiny test drive,” Renner said in the caption of the post.

“The body is miraculous…. Even though I feel like the Tin Man, needing oil for all my new joints (hips, knees, ankles, tibia etc.). Encouraged after this warm up to press on (don’t tell my PT). [crying laughing emoji].”

In the clip, the actor can be seen using a pulley connected to a machine as he did several squats and sit-ups, working his leg muscles, despite his fractured tibia (the leg bone that forms at the top part of a person’s knee down to their ankle).

The accident that occurred on January 1st, 2023, the actor was runover by a seven-ton snowplow which broke around 30 bones in his body.

In an interview with ABC News, the Oscar-nominated revealed the full extent of his injuries: dozens of broken bones, including eight ribs, his right knee and ankle and right shoulder; a collapsed lung; and his liver pierced by a rib bone.

The actor went through multiple surgeries in which his rib cage was rebuilt with metal. His eye socket was put back together with metallic plates. And a titanium rod and screws were placed in his leg.

Last month, Renner showed great progress as he walked the hand-in-hand with his daughter at the premiere of his Disney+ series Rennervations, in which Renner helps out charities by reconstructing decommissioned vehicles for new uses.


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