John Legend to Megyn Kelly: ‘Shut Up’


John Legend to Megyn Kelly: Shut Up
John Legend to Megyn Kelly: ‘Shut Up’ 

John Legend called out Megyn Kelly after she jabbed at Chrissy Teigen’s dress choice at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

The Nervous singer did not take the criticism lightly and quickly called the anchor an ‘attention-seeker.’

“She needs it after she got fired from Fox,” Legend continued. “She has to do what she can do to get attention. She pissed all the conservatives off when she asked Trump a tough question, so now she’s trying to figure out a way to win ’em back.”

“She’s desperate. … She can just shut up,” the 44-year-old said.

The singer also responded with a laugh after being asked whether it’s “normal behavior” for someone to help carry the train of a dress.

“Why should she [feel bad for it],” the All of Me singer added.

Earlier, speaking on her show on SiriusXM, the former NBC correspondent ripped Teigen for having “three minions” carry the train of her “nonexistent dress” as she objected to the model’s look at the White House correspondent dinner last weekend.


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