Johnny Depp on Hollywood boycott: ‘I don’t need them!’


Johnny Depp says he doesnt feel boycotted by Hollywood as he doesnt need them
Johnny Depp says he doesn’t feel boycotted by Hollywood as he doesn’t need them

A humbled Johnny Depp addressed the press at the Cannes Film Festival where he was asked if he still felt boycotted by Hollywood, to which he exclaimed, “I don’t need Hollywood.”

The 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival opened with the screening of Depp’s movie Jeanne Du Barry amid much criticism from certain groups who didn’t think Depp should even be allowed to attend the festival.

Following the backlash, Depp was asked by Deadline if he still felt boycotted by Hollywood, and he remarked, “Did I feel a boycott? You have to not have a pulse to feel this isn’t happening.”

“Of course when you’re asked to resign from a film because of something which is merely a bunch of vowels and consonants in the air.”

He continued, “I don’t feel boycotted by Hollywood. I don’t think about Hollywood. I don’t need Hollywood.”

When asked about the controversy surrounding Jeanne Du Barry and the people who didn’t want Depp at the 76th edition of Cannes, he replied, “Who are they? Why do they care? Some species or tower of mashed potatoes covered in light from a computer screen? Anonymous.”

Depp also defensively commented on the rumors that surrounded him amid the Amber Heard trial, “In regards to me and my life, the majority of what you’ve read is fantastically horrifically written fiction.” 


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